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Robert Wentz, CEO

Is the founder of Tenzing Medical LLC and serves as Oroville Hospital’s President and Chief Executive Officer since 1988. For the past 15 years he has owned and operated the Oroville Sports Club.

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Dr. Narrinder Singh, MD, CMIO

Narinder joined Oroville hospital in 1998 as an internist. After becoming the Chief Information Officer in 2008, he helped facilitate a project of 20 multi-speciality clinics and then the in-patient facility. After self-implementation, there was a need for development to fit VISTA in the private sector. Narinder was instrumental in developing the e-prescribe module which was later released as Open source. Narinder was trained as Internal Medicine physician at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.

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Dr. Matthew Fine, MD, CMO

Matt received his MD from SUNY-Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. During his residency at Baltimore City Hospitals he completed a fellowship in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was in private practice for 27 years, most of it as president of an internal medicine group with up to 12 physicians. In 2005 he became Chief Medical Officer and Director of Patient Safety at Oroville Hospital. Matt was instrumental in introducing VistA to the hospital and is an integral part of the EHR team with particular responsibility for creating order sets and disease based care modules for the CPOE. He has a particular interest in the physician/EHR interface.

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Denise LeFevre, CIO

BIO coming

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Zach Gonzales, CTO

Zach began his career at Oroville Hospital in the IT/IS department in 1998. During that time he helped implement various technology projects. In 2005 he dedicated his time fully in an effort to bring the VA's VistA EHR to Oroville Hospital. 2012, Zach co-founded the Development Department at Oroville Hospital and joined Tenzing Medical.

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Amanda Wentz, M.S., COO

Amanda Wentz, an Industrial Organizational Psychologist, began training and developing training materials at the age of 16. Her expertise is in workplace disease prevention and software training. She is the owner of Amanda Wentz Realty and a very active volunteer for her community’s historic theatre.

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About Tenzing

Historically, hospitals have been naïve consumers of electronic health records. Hospitals typically spend 25 million dollars on their electronic health records. While hospitals and healthcare executives have, for many years, made decisions on procuring cutting edge medical technologies, information technology has been relegated to vendor solutions.

Tenzing Medical, LLC is comprised of healthcare and medical experts that have experience in the development and procurement of electronic health information. It is Tenzing Medical's mission to help guide healthcare institution to make better and more efficient information technology choices. Tenzing Medical is interested in health information at all levels beginning at the medical evaluation through the reporting of medical metrics.

A Cost Solution For Hospitals


EHR Deployment

Oroville Hospital is a California Private Independent acute care Hospital. There are 24 clinics and practices, 135 beds, regional reference lab, 160 physician, and 1500 employees. After shopping for available proprietary products, the president and CEO, Robert J. Wentz found VistA by chance. Oroville Hospital quickly began shopping for Vista Suppliers and found FOIA VistA preferable. The Tenzing Medical concept began. Aware that rampant change was around the corner, the Oroville Hospital team replaced the CIO , began in-house development of Vista, and partnered with open source development community and World VistA. Oroville Hospital is also responsible for certifying STAGE 1 of Vista, allowing hospital the ability to collect the government incentive through VistA. Oroville Hospital was within the first 100 hospitals to obtain meaningful use. While implementing VistA Oroville Hospital found no significant decrease in patient volume. They experienced no disruption in cash flow due to EHR implementation. Overall, there was a tolerable effect on profitability during implementation.

Oroville Hospital, A Success Story

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Clinical Standardization

Oroville Hospital found there was a positive effect on profitability after deployment. They had developed standardized order sets based on diagnosis and current evidence. The Oroville Hospital team examined the workflow evaluation and procedures of the hospital. They found that VistA improved the efficiency and reduced errors by streamlining the process and reducing unnecessary steps in the workflow. It became evident that the most effective way to use the software was by evaluating the workflow, then as necessary, redesigning.


VistA Development

Harnessing the power of the most robust EHR in the world, Tenzing develops world class software. Coupled with the speed and flexibility of the web, we put rich content driven applications into the right hands.

A Winning Technology


Tenzing Medical LLC.

2600 Orodam Blvd E.
Oroville, CA 95966
P: (530) 538-0123
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